Sunday, September 27, 2009

So far this Summer...

..has been very eventful. In May I entered a nationwide competition to 'design a decade' T-shirt for New Look. In July I found out I had won, and that the T-shirt was to go on sale both in stores and online, for £8 with part of the money going to charity. This was great experience for me. My T-shirt was of a slogan style with the words 'Too Fast for Fashion' in yellow across the front. The guidelines for the design were to create a T-shirt to represent the 2000-2010 period. So the basis of my design was that there has been not one clear fashion movement, it has been more about creating your own style and mixing together different pieces your own way. It is almost as if your moving too fast for fashion, and fashion can't keep up.

This is an image of me with my printed T-shirt design in the Meadowhall Sheffield New Look store. 
Prior to the competition I had done some work experience for John Lewis as a Furnishing Advisor in May, and I was asked to do some further work for them in August. They run an event to promote the advisory service each year. This time they asked me to help. The task was to produce some mood boards based on current interior trends, but with all John Lewis products and the fabrics they stock such as Harlequin and Sandersons. There were four mood boards in total named Digital Garden, Water Life, Birds and Butterflies, and Linear Simplicity.

This is an image of how the event turned out. The four mood boards I created are against the back wall. If your thinking of decorating but need some help you should go to see the Furnishing Advisory team in John Lewis stores across the UK.